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  • July 2014- Articles include Charity Governance, ACNC Register, Public Benevolent Institution Alert and Financial Reporting insights
  • October 2014 -  Not-for-Profit Newsletter - Articles include Charities' Governance, ACNC activities, financial reporting insights & ACNC's future focus

LBW Newsletters

2016 Budget Summary [1.05 Mb]
The May 2016 budget announced tax changes and some major reforms to superannuation. Read the wrap-up to see how you are affected.

August 2013 LBW SMSF Update [90 Kb]
This update explains recent law changes affecting SMSFs.





Long Term Investing Report (2016) [366 Kb]
Comparing investment performance over 10 & 20 years - 2016 report 

2016 Tax Return Checklist [99 Kb]
Tax return checklist - please download to see a list of information needed to prepare your 2016 income tax return.