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The most valuable and important tax advice you'll ever receive is unlikely to be in response to your taxation enquiries. If your company is an LBW & Partners' client, you can guarantee that the most pertinent & timely tax planning advice will always be offered without you ever needing to ask.

Good taxation planning advice considers all your current circumstances with a realistic view of your business' prospects for growth, and the financial position of its principals. Your LBW Partner is a specialist at remodelling your business and personal tax position to minimise your tax, optimise opportunities for you to retain the highest proportion of your income plus maximise your rebate entitlements.

 You can be confident that your business' tax strategies will assume established and sound minimisation procedures aligned with the latest income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax and fringe benefits tax legislation.

 Never leave your tax planning to the financial year's end! E-mail, phone (+61 2) 9411 4866 or complete an on-line enquiry today so an LBW partner can review your tax planning needs and provide advise on any tax issues before the cost you more money.

Too often tax planning is put off until the financial year is about to finish. This is like closing the stable door after the horse has already bolted. Tax planning can only be truly effective when undertaken by a experienced tax accountant as part of your business' detailed financial plan. The integrated and holistic appraisal you can expect from your LBW tax advise will take into account all of your company's investments, revenue streams, commitments and overheads, in the context of your individual business plan and corporate goals.

Business and tax accounting follows an annual financial management calendar, however effective planning by definition must take a longer view. Year-end tax planning involves looking to the financial years ahead in addition to the current one. If sacrificing an extra dollar on taxes this year will save you two or three dollars in the next and beyond, some short term accounting recommendations become unfounded.

Your LBW taxation plan will enable you to understand how every borrowing, spending and investment decision you make from the beginning of the financial year through to its conclusion directly influence your tax liabilities. If you are working to a effective LBW and Partners tax plan you can take advantage of every legitimate opportunity to trim your end of year tax bill whilst simultaneously manoeuvring your company 's tax position to minimise your business' long term tax exposure.

 Undertaking Tax Planning with LBW will better equip your enterprise to earn and retain more money to fund its future. Your LBW partner's expert taxation advice will allow you to:

  • Realise all your GST rebate entitlements.
  • Create opportunities for business expansion
  • Protect your assets.
  • Better manage cash flow
  • Rationalise budget forecasting.
  • Ensure ongoing tax compliance 
  • Fulfil auditing statutory requirements
  • Simplify preparation of Annual Financial Statements.
  • Attract research and development concessions
  • Promote cost-efficient accounting practice
  • Enjoy every applicable tax incentive
  • Correctly structure your finances to facilitate growth. 

Your business' LBW tax planner will help you feel financially secure by better protecting your investments. Tax planning provides an enlightening external perspective that makes it easier for you and your colleagues to meet your financial goals. LBW's proactive advice deals with tax issues as they arise and before the cost you more money.

Whether you are a sole trader, represent a growing partnership, an established trust, company limited by guarantee, a non profit organisation, or an international enterprise active in Australia considered tax advice will empower you to keep your eyes on your future and liberate you from unproductive paperwork.

 An LBW & Partners' tax plan will provide you with the knowledge and ability to strategically move your business into the financial position you always aspired to. Its development demands a specialist's knowledge of GST, capital gains, tax minimisation or salary packaging, cash flow projections, professionally prepared profit and loss and activity statements plus appropriately lodged tax returns.

A proficient LBW Chartered Accountant is always able to provide advice on tax-effective investments and the many ways you can legally save on your taxes. Effective tax planning ensures that you have adequate time to review and amend your tax strategies to ensure that you are always positions to take full advantage of:

  • Optimum deductible super contributions
  • Income protection premiums
  • Deductible pensions & annuities
  • Any Interest & fees on investment borrowing 
  • Maximum SMSF contributions
  • As many deductions as you are legally able
  • Tax effective investments
  • Business structure that meet your tax objectives 

LBW professional tax advisers work with you to create a bespoke tax plan that enables your business' existing assets and acquisitions to be utilised in the most tax efficient way.

Contact us to arrange your free initial appointment with an LBW tax adviser via e-mail, phone (+61 2) 9411 4866 or complete an on-line enquiry right now, as it is never too early to initiate plans to meet your future fiscal needs. An LBW adviser can review your tax planning needs and adjust your business position to minimise your tax, optimise opportunities for you to retain the highest proportion of your income plus capitalise on all your rebate entitlements.

LBW & Partners is a leading Sydney chartered accountancy, auditing, business consulting and financial planning firm providing corporate business strategy and tax planning advice to professionals in addition to associated personal accounting services. LBW's CPA and chartered accounting services cover all aspects of your Australian business' taxation including capital gains, payroll tax plus tax effective asset management and company audits. Unlike most Sydney accounting firms, LBW also extends personal tax minimisation, wealth creation and self managed superannuation advice in addition to corporate and management accounting needs for business on Sydney's North Shore and across Australia.

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