LBW & Partners Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Administration Service

Self Managed Superannuation Real Time Administration Service

Australians have an ever increasing volume of savings invested within almost half a million Self Managed Superannuation Finds. As individuals' super assets have grown, many have sought to gain control over the day-to-day management of their superannuation. On-demand access to your fund's day-to-day performance data provides you with the insight to confidently take control of your Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

One of your many advantages is the LBW SMSF administration service, secure, real time on-line access to your own fund's performance data, meaning you will never again have the frustrating 12 month annual wait before receiving an outdated investment summary.

LBW SMSF Advanced Administration Service

This secure online LBW SMSF administration service gives you instant access to your savings and investments and the ability to monitor and self-manage your superannuation fund or pension plan.

See for yourself, click here to go to the login page and enter our demonstration SMSF.  Enter "" as your User ID and the password "Demo-4you2see" to view a demonstration of the LBW real time SMSF administrator.  

To request information on your SMSF's compliance or the LBW admin service e-mail, phone (+61 2) 9411 4866 or complete an on-line enquiry.

What the service does for your superannuation fund...

The ability to tax-effectively manage your super, is reliant on the professional advice of a superannuation specialist, and the added reassurance provided by instant access to your fund's up-to-date investment and performance data. LBW & Partners provide the advantage of both, balanced and impartial guidance only available to you from ethical professionals that are Chartered Accountants as well as Financial Planners, plus LBW's Self Managed Super administration service to empower you with your own real-time superannuation investment data.

If you do not already subscribe, take this opportunity to peek inside the LBW SMSF Advanced Administration Service to see for yourself the many practical benefits that a private window into your own superannuation investment portfolio can provide.

You can review a snapshot of your personal plan's assets allocation, detaining your target and actual portfolio structure plus your fund manager's progress in achieving any alterations you have specified. You can obtain the history of any individual investment asset by simply clicking on its name to reveal its transaction dates, purchase amount, sale and current value. You have instant access to comparisons between each asset's daily values and their previous months, plus a full statement of all fund transactions.

The LBW SMSF administration service incorporates a suite of practical reports that you can customise with various filter options copy and/or print. You can also filter data to narrow down the number of records displayed and past data into your own spread sheet for off-line manipulation too.

The 'Contributions Reports' enables you to see contributions for the current and last financial year and what additional contributions can be made before going over the concessional and non-concessional caps.

Pension Limit reports provide an effective way for retirees to monitor their pension drawings and ensure they work within any statutory minimum and maximum drawing limits.

Your LBW advanced administration service also features trustee educational information with up to date links to trustee information from the joint CPA and Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand trustee education program in addition to the ATO educational material.

    You should consider the advantages of having an LBW superannuation expert investigate, review and provide you with a suitability appraisal of your current super fund arrangements. You will receive unbiased professional advice on whether you will benefit from staying within your current SMSF, your industry fund or a public offer super fund. Enabling you to review all your options and future aspirations in the knowledge you gain from an LBW appraisal.

    Make contact via e-mail, phone (+61 2) 9411 4866 today or complete an on-line enquiry right now to secure an obligation-free consultation, so an LBW partner can review your superannuation needs and give you the superannuation, investment and capital gains tax advice that only Australian Chartered Accountants and CPAs are qualified to provide.


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