Audit / Not for profit

As a Director, CFO or management accountant your governance responsibilities will be far less time-consuming when you have an LBW auditing specialist on your team.


Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Flexibility of investment choice, tax efficiency and regulatory control are just some of the technical differences between SMSF's and their commercial competitors. Confidence in your Self Managed Superannuation Fund's (SMSF) compliance with evolving taxation and regulatory controls is vital to success in an SMSF.


Wealth Management

For any financial plan to be truly effective it must take into account all of your financial affairs, both business and personal, then be built on well conceived and practical wealth creation strategies flexible enough to allow for modification without undermining your key objectives.


Business, tax & advisory

Whilst you may be concerned that your business can't afford to engage an accounting firm of LBW's size and calibre, we question that assumption and suggest that maybe you can't really afford not to!


LBW - Your Sydney Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

Throughout your business' life cycle there are many occasions where a specialised business accountant's reliable advice will make a significant difference to your plans, and help you achieve your most important commercial goals.

+ When registering a new company
+ Sourcing investment capital
+ Buying a business
+ Taking on a business partner
+ Corporate acquisitions
+ Real property purchase
+ External audits & compliance
+ Stakeholder reporting
+ Succession planning
+ Selling your enterprise
+ Investing your wealth
+ Your eventual retirement

From every enterprise's outset there are milestones when the contributions of a Chartered Accountant or Business Adviser are commercially essential, times when you will be better prepared & better off with the support of LBW & Partners.

There are likely to have been occasions during your business' development when you wished your accountants had taken the initiative and provided proactive advice before your company became the avoidable victim of new tax laws, altered superannuation rules or variants to corporate compliance legislation.

You are welcome to request information via e-mail, phone (+61 2) 9411 4866 today or complete an on-line enquiry right now to secure an obligation-free consultation with an LBW partner to review your accountancy needs, or simply ask for a Chartered Accountant's expert advice on an issue that is troubling you or your staff.

With a reliable LBW Business Adviser contributing to your team's strategies and aligning integrated plans in support of both, you and your enterprise's wealth and success, you can at last stay focussed on the purpose of your business activities, and fully realise the rewards that are their primary objective.

At LBW & Partners you will receive all your accounting, taxation, financial planning, audit, and Chartered Accounting services under one roof.  An LBW partner will personally take on the role of your company's Business Adviser giving you direct access to a seasoned management accountant, and their specialised financial planning, business services and auditing service's professional support and consulting teams. You don't need to be located in Chatswood, the North Shore or even Sydney to benefit from a client focused accounting firm. LBW & Partners' personalised accountancy practice extends across New South Wales, interstate and internationally to global enterprises operating within Australia, wherever you are based.


Accounting Services

Maximising your long term financial potential is LBW's charter, and the sole focus of the business tax strategies, accounting services and management advice you will profit from throughout your business planning, and at every critical decision making milestone. The integrated talents of LBW's qualified CPAs and Chartered Accountants will contribute extensively to your established financial management capabilities, streamlining your tax planning, returns, reporting and compliance, whilst optimising your profitability and personal wealth creation.

Tax Planning & Advice

It is imperative that your business adopts established sound business tax strategies that minimise your business's as well as your own personal tax exposure. New income tax legislation repeatedly effects payroll tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, concessions for small business research & development and even your GST rebate entitlements. 

Financial Planning

Your financial affairs, both professional and personal, are most efficiently and cost effectively handled by a single firm. You will reap significant fiscal benefits from a partnership with an accounting firm that also provides professional financial planning services tailored to your personal needs, and true wealth creation for your business and its employees. 

Tax Returns & Compliance Reporting

Streamlining your management and preparation of tax returns, financial statements, related accounting compliance and reporting functions, releases you and your key staff to focus your energies on profitable business development, free of the distraction of statutory compliance issues. 

Company, Partnership & Trust Advice

Are you confident that your existing or proposed business structure is the most tax efficient in the long term? Will the company, you are about to acquire or divest, undermine the benefits of your existing structure's key tax minimisation strategies? Is a discretionary trust actually of value, or an unwarranted burden on tax reporting commitments and a drain on your enterprise's profitability? 

GST & BAS Advice

In cooperation with your company's bookkeeper and internal accounting personnel, LBW's specialist accountants are happy to assist with all your GST requirements - from advice to attending to ATO reporting, BAS lodgements and conflict resolution. 

Self Managed Superannuation

The LBW Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is your flexible solution to tax effective investment, retirement and pension planning. Ensuring that, while you take care of your business, your SMSF looks after your future prosperity too. 

Audit Services

Auditing expertise for Australian listed and unlisted companies, internationally owned enterprises and not for profit organisations is an essential element of every effected enterprise's compliance. Access to LBW & Partners' professional audit solutions liberates senior executives and office holders of companies limited by guarantee, associations, charities, religious institutions, clubs and schools from the demands of internal controls, financial statement reporting, and fund raising's special tax issues so that you may concentrate all your efforts on the organisation's primary role and responsibilities. 

Industry Specialties

More than 20 years exposure to a range of differing industry needs has equipped LBW with a sound understanding of the evolving commercial and tax issues faced by a broad cross section of business owners. Our clients' success and the experience LBW has gained in achieving their commercial objectives will be invaluable to your enterprise too. They include:

+ Direct sales businesses
+ Medical & aged care providers
+ Wholesale & distribution
+ The manufacturing sector
+ Commercial real estate
+ The automotive aftermarket
+ Property development
+ Not for profit organisations

Make contact via e-mail, phone (+61 2) 9411 4866 today or complete an on-line enquiry right now to secure an obligation-free consultation so an LBW partner can review your accountancy needs and give you the accounting, superannuation and business tax advice that only Australian Chartered Accountants and CPAs are qualified to provide. 

LBW & Partners is a top Sydney chartered accountancy, auditing, business consulting and financial planning firm providing corporate business strategy, personal accounting services, and tax planning advice to professionals. LBW's CPA and chartered accounting services cover all aspects of your Australian business's taxation including capitol gains, payroll tax plus tax effective asset management and company audits. Unlike most Sydney accounting firms, LBW also extends personal tax minimisation, wealth creation and self managed superannuation advice in addition to corporate and management accounting needs for business on Sydney's North Shore and across Australia. 


Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Superannuation is probably the most creative area in business, taxation and wealth planning. When correctly setup, superannuation allows you to take control of your affairs both when accumulating assets and into retirement.

- Alan Perrott - Partner, LBW & Partners


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