Wealth Creation Services - the roadmap

Wealth Creation

You don't need a large lump sum to be able to create wealth. Wealth creation is a process of combining your current resources with investment strategies that will provide sufficient capital to meet your immediate or future monetary needs. Wealth creation strategies include the use of managed funds, savings plans, investing in shares and gearing options.

Wealth Protection

Essential components of your LBW financial plan are adequate provision to protect your wealth, and that provide an agreed financial benefit in the event of an insured occurrence. Without the correct balance of income protection, trauma, disability, life and business insurance, the wealth you've built can rapidly erode as a result of an accident, illness or death.

Retirement Planning

Making certain that your financial assets are working for you becomes crucial when you retire. That is why it is important that you plan and invest your money wisely. Retirement planning will assist you to manage your financial preparation for eventual retirement, so you maintain a regular income, and confidently enjoy retirement. A sound LBW retirement plan will help you to:

  • Secure your assets
  • Attain the maximum tax benefits
  • Select the best superannuation
  • Obtain the maximum social security benefits
  • Transfer your wealth tax-efficiently
  • Plan your estate & make family provisions


Once you have a financial plan in place your LBW adviser will review your plan every six months to ensure that you are not paying unnecessary tax, receiving poor investment returns or have inadequate protection for the family. This review service will project your future position with updated reports on your current portfolio, to keep you on track and in control.