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Your LBW financial plan will incorporate your personal goals, reflect you lifestyle aspirations plus provide for contingencies and regular reviews to keep you on track and in control.  Comprising of complementary strategies your comprehensive plan will guide you through:

  • Wealth Creation & Savings
  • Wealth Protection & Insurance
  • Tax Planning & Investments
  • Portfolio Management
  • Retirement Planning & Superannuation 



Your financial plan will be built from the information and instructions you provide to your LBW adviser during the initial planning interview. Your plan will then be documented, and thoroughly explained by your adviser who will put in plain words aspects relevant to your plan that include but are not limited to your:

  • Existing assets and liabilities
  • Current tax position Current saving ability
  • Retirement savings & superannuation
  • Wills & estate planning
  • Centrelink entitlements
The central core of a sound financial plan will generally incorporate managed funds; they are simple and convenient savings vehicles, also known as unit trusts. A managed fund allows you to invest in assets that would otherwise likely be out of your reach, by pooling your resources into a single fund with other investors. Once you decide to invest in managed funds, you set and control the amount you want to invest each month. Managed funds have a prospectus that allows you to see where it is investing, usually in a variety of assets including property, shares and fixed interest or a combination of these.

Investing in a managed fund also gives you the benefit of a professional fund manager. Fund managers have access to far more research and resources than the average investor, and therefore a superior knowledge of the investment markets. Whilst there are literally thousands of managed funds to choose from, your LBW adviser's fund expertise, plus their intimate understanding of your personal goals will be essential to choosing a fund that reflects your risk profile, and is also aligned with what you would wish for yourself. There are managed funds for virtually every investment objective, your LBW advisor will direct you to an appropriate option. 

LBW provide you with a suite of professional financial services so you get the most out of reaching your key objectives. They ensure that you have complete confidence in your ability to abide by your financial plan, and that there are related strategies in place that can adapt to meet unexpected or altered circumstances and enable your existing fiscal resources to be utilised in the most tax effective way.

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