Top Investment Commentators - 2014

by daniel archibald

We live in the information age and as with other industries, the finance and investment industry is full of respected commentators all trying to provide an insight into the inner workings of the investment world. Though there are many, here is a list of bloggers, journalists and economists who I rate highly and who make the inaugural (and perhaps final) list of Daniel's Top Investment Commentators (in no particular order): 

  • "The Big Picture" by Barry Rithotz - With a daily mix of article links, commentary, and interesting editorials this blog is a must for anyone wanting to stay in the loop of current economic and political affairs. It is quite US-centric, but that's not a bad thing when it comes to investments and markets.
  • "Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis" by Mike Shedlock - An avid blogger, "Mish" could be described as a contrarian, right-wing, liberalist who is also looking to point out what's wrong with the world (particularly the intrusion of useless Governments).  Though somewhat dour and pessimistic, his point of view is quite often spot on and his arguments are anything but boring.
  • "Mauldin Economics" by John Mauldin - A long time favourite, Mauldin has developed his online publication into a world-class offering of articles, commentary and editorials.  His weekly "Outside the Box" showcases some of the best modern thinkers on economics and finance, and his "Thoughts from the Frontline" is a must read, which incorporates most of his 'optimistic-contrarianist' view of the world. 
  • "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..." by Grant Williams - This investment newsletter, featured on Mauldin's website, gives a great analysis of Government policies and the current financial environment, though there is a distinct bias towards gold and other anti-central bank sentiment.
  • "The Daily Reckoning" - This is a collaboration of some of Australia's top investment and finance commentators, which gives a more Australia-centric take on global and domestic markets.
  • "Stratfor" - The geo-political specialists with feet on the ground in most of the world's trouble spots.  Stratfor provides great insight into the methodology and madness behind the world's Governments, regimes and movements.  

Most of these offer free subscription to their articles, which can be received via email rather than having to check their websites.  So be sure to have a browse to see if any of these commentators appeal to your senses. And happy reading.      


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